Anything on your mind? Shout it out loud to the rest of us :-)
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Grymrock: Trincia: take a look under 'News' on the top of the forumlist here. Mar 9, 2015 15:13:11 GMT 1
Trincia Avatar
Trincia: Hey all! I haven't heard anything about what's going on with Archet Aid, and can't see any updates neither on this forum or on the Archet Aid site. Does anyone know date/time and which bands are playing? Oct 12, 2014 17:49:03 GMT 1
Raggolgrimbob Avatar
Raggolgrimbob: September, November -- those sneaky months. Time to get craking indeed! -- before they ambush us! Sept 11, 2014 13:09:17 GMT 1
Grymrock Avatar
Grymrock: Please take the time to comment on threads about the fayre (contests and so on) and put any ideas ya got into the forum. Nothing is to silly to consider, and who knows? it might be doable :-) Aug 15, 2014 12:04:57 GMT 1
Grymrock Avatar
Grymrock: So, summers gone (?) and time to get cracking :) Aug 15, 2014 12:03:53 GMT 1
Raggolgrimbob Avatar
Raggolgrimbob: rofl-roll have a great summer everybody! Aug 12, 2014 19:29:24 GMT 1
Grymrock Avatar
Grymrock: Good it got solved :-) Aug 12, 2014 13:26:10 GMT 1
Trincia Avatar
Trincia: Yes, it was the right email and PW. But probably there is a huge difference between (which is the link I had saved) and The latter link works to log in with, not the first :) Aug 9, 2014 14:13:39 GMT 1
Grymrock Avatar
Grymrock: Trin: thats strange. It works well here. You sure you are using the correct mailadress (whole adress for login) and the correct password? (Its case sensitive) Aug 9, 2014 2:49:19 GMT 1
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Trin: Sunday, Aug. 17th, at 20:00 CET/18:00 GMT/13:00 EST The White Flames performs music of the great Frank Zappa on the stage in Bree. Featuring original versions of Zappa's Songs transcribed by Trincia. Come and enjoy a most unique and original performance! Aug 5, 2014 13:51:49 GMT 1
Guest Avatar
Trin: The login doesn't seem to work. Is the server down? I can only shout as a guest, not as Trincia... Aug 5, 2014 13:47:57 GMT 1
rosamundi Avatar
rosamundi: You too, Trincia - I enjoyed your music very much that evening :-) Jul 13, 2014 14:12:12 GMT 1
Trincia Avatar
Trincia: Nice to have met you in Bree at our concert with White Flames! Hope to see you soon! Jul 7, 2014 18:17:45 GMT 1
Geoffroi Avatar
Geoffroi: Yay, Archet Aid is back Jul 5, 2014 20:19:54 GMT 1
norgi Avatar
norgi: finally got here *looks around* nice place Grym Jun 30, 2014 2:02:46 GMT 1
Grymrock Avatar
Grymrock: New site up and replaced the old one at Jun 25, 2014 13:57:09 GMT 1
kveltrildamberbraid Avatar
kveltrildamberbraid: What Thogen says! :) Jun 22, 2014 5:02:37 GMT 1
Thogen Avatar
Thogen: Durins Folk is ready for anything if need be! At your service!! Jun 22, 2014 3:23:01 GMT 1
tallic Avatar
tallic: Hooray it's that time of year again is it? I'd sure like to help out, even if its just helping to eat them munchies that Rosa is handing out. Jun 20, 2014 17:50:14 GMT 1
Raggolgrimbob Avatar
Raggolgrimbob: Rocking and Rolling, Zigging or a Bobbing, in whatever shape or form that may be. Jun 18, 2014 19:21:21 GMT 1
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